Starting in 1995 the B.C. Heritage Rivers System worked to select 20 rivers representative of the diversity of B.C.'s Rivers.

The role of the Heritage Rivers Program is to encourage community-based stewardship, to provide a model for public participation in river management, to formally recognize outstanding examples of our river heritage and to reflect the vision for each river as we move into the future.

We are proud to have one of the Heritage Rivers in our own backyard, literally! The Campbell River originates from rugged mountains in the heart of the Island, including a catchment area of 1,460 square kilometers including areas with elevations greater than 2,220 metres. The Campbell River registers flows that are the third largest on Vancouver Island.

The salmon produced by the Campbell River and estuary sustained the Kwakiutl people and their rich cultural traditions for many centuries. Permanent settlements were common in the area and many important traditional sites have been identified, especially on the estuary.

The Campbell River estuary is particularly significant to the biological and cultural history of the river. Tidal influences create a rich environment that supports an abundance of wild and hatchery-raised fish species, including many freshwater, marine and anadromous species. All five species of salmon (chinook, coho, pink, chum and sockeye) as well as sea-run trout (steelhead and cutthroat) use the estuary during their life cycle.

The Heritage River Inn was originally the Rustic Motel which provided lodging back in the 1940's as a small group of cabins which were replaced by a new 2 storey motel in 1981. The team at the Heritage River Inn are constantly improving the property and increasing value for our guest's accommodation needs. We pride ourselves on our returning customer base & welcome guests on their first visit as well.

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